Radnor Benefits Group Incorporated

Your customer service for our subscribed modules is stellar!  We can always speak to a live representative and our issues are almost always resolved immediately.  Thank you!

National Benefit Services, Inc.

We experienced a quantum leap in productivity when we switched to ftwilliam.com.  Our transition was painless and done during annual client administration season.  With our restatements, the batch processing and the ability to quickly look-up client data streamlined everything.  The integration between modules and the fact that the software is cloud-based makes the ftwilliam.com software solution phenomenal.  The software is intuitive and, as a result, our staff required minimal training to effectively utilize it.

Benefit Solutions Etc.

ftwilliam.com’s 5500 software is very easy to use.  The integration of the 5500 software with the other FTW modules and bring forward data from past years helps to streamline the process. In addition, the ability for the client to store their DOL signing credentials in the system saves the Plan Sponsor the hassle of looking for this information each year.

The Haslauer Group Inc.

With the ftwilliam.com retirement plan document software, doing our PPA restatements was a breeze.   The batch processing via the portal made sending out and tracking the restatements very simple and efficient. ftwilliam.com’s document support was great as I was learning the process – responses were prompt and often by phone.


The [TAG] Q&A is a great source of information.  The responses to questions are always well-reasoned and specific sources being provided helps with further research.

Red Bank Pension Services, Inc.

TAG is my #1 resource for research and findings. When submitting a specific question to the TAG staff, the answers received are always very thorough and precise.

Frye Retirement Planning

I have found TAG a very useful resource over the years, and the team has been always professional and reliable.