ftwilliam.com Distribution Tracking Software Phase II Demonstration

Date: 2019-01-30 01:00:00

Duration: 1 Hour

Speakers: Holly Roussel-Godfrey

In this webinar, we will demonstrate all of the enhancements we’ve added to the system since our Phase I launch in September 2018. We will cover the following:
• New distribution types
• 1099 Integration
• Split/Clone Distributions
• Document Template Editor Enhancements – Populate your own documents and recordkeeper forms
• Default Specifications
• Rollover Provider Integration
• Distribution Dashboard Updates
• Compliance Integration for force-outs and plan terminationsIn addition to these enhancements, we will also discuss what’s in store for Q2! This includes more integration, Loan Tracking, E-signatures, recurring distributions and more! We encourage feedback! We are rapidly developing enhancements and we want to hear your thoughts. What can we add that would make your life easier?

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ftwilliam.com Compliance Module Annual Review

Date: 2019-02-05 12:00:00

Duration: 90 minutes

Speakers: Jane Nickalls & Andy Schommer

This 90 minute webinar is designed for current Compliance Module customers, and will provide an overview of setting up a plan, adding census data and running an allocation & testing; we’ll also look at the transaction menu and uploading vendor files.

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