Retirement Plan Documents

The Retirement Plan Documents package helps you streamline your entire plan document preparation process. offers all of the popular defined contribution and defined benefit plan types in prototype and volume submitter formats* including 403(b), 401(a) and ESOP.

The Retirement Plan Documents package from combines powerful technology, in-house attorney-written documents, and world class customer support to provide you with a first class document generation solution.

With features like ZZZ Defaults, batch generation of annual notices and required amendments, and extensive error checking, you will be able to minimize your data entry and save time as you generate documents for your clients.

We also offer add-on tools, such as ftwPortal Pro, Spanish Forms Package, and ftwPro Amend to increase your efficiency even more when working in the Plan Document module.  Plus free conversion assistance is offered for some vendor’s documents – contact support or your sales consultant for more information.

Sample Plan Documents

Software Highlights

Integration.  Our Plan Documents modules are integrated with the other modules to ensure effortless data flow.

Easy to use forms and amendments. Most of the forms and amendments can easily be generated using either the Batch Print or Group Print features. The Batch Print feature permits you to print amendments for all of your clients in a few easy steps.

E-signatures available with purchase of ftwPortal Pro.  E-sign any document using our software.

Streamlined data import and export. The exclusive ftwLink feature provides an XML based interface for interfacing with your plan information. Using ftwLink you can add and edit plan information, extract checklist answers, and generate plan documents using a single, easy to use XML interface.

Free updates. All document updates and amendments are provided at no extra cost.

Extensive on-line error correction. While we cannot guarantee that each combination of checklist responses will result in the plan that meets the qualification requirements of the Internal Revenue Code and ERISA, our on-line error correction will identify all required responses and will highlight most conflicting responses.

Streamlined data entry. When entering data, items for which no entry is required will appear shaded and will not allow data entry. For example, if matching contributions are not allowed in a 401(k) plan, all questions dealing with matching contributions will be shaded.

55AutoFill technology. With 55AutoFill, completion of plan document checklists is made easy by automatically downloading all of the available information from the most recently completed 5500 forms.

Plan highlights document. Contains a concise summary of major plan terms.

Custom language. Since the documents are delivered in rtf format, you may perform extensive customization of each document.

Unlimited checklist templates. Using the “Clone Me” feature you may establish an unlimited number of custom default checklists.

Export plan specifications. With this unique, powerful feature customers are given the ability to download all of their plan specifications with the click of a button in Excel-compatible format.

Help. Nearly every checklist question provides instant context-sensitive help.

Our retirement plan documents are available both via subscription and per-plan pricing options.  Discuss with your sales consultant which might be the best option for you.

FAQ About Converting to

* The IRS opinion letters will reflect CCH INCORPORATED DBA FTWILLIAM.COM as the sponsor of the prototype/volume submitter plans and the IRS-required language preceding the signature line on the prototype documents will also contain our name and address. In addition, a representative from CCH INCORPORATED DBA FTWILLIAM.COM will also appear on the form 2848 (power of attorney) for each volume submitter document that is submitted for favorable letter.

Plan Types in the Retirement Documents Package:

  • Prototype Non-Standardized 401(k)
  • Prototype Non-Standardized Money Purchase
  • Prototype Non-Standardized Target Benefit
  • Prototype Standardized 401(k)
  • Prototype Standardized Money Purchase
  • Volume Submitter 401(k) (ID Format)*
  • Volume Submitter Profit Sharing (ID Format)*
  • Volume Submitter Money Purchase (ID Format)*
  • Volume Submitter 401(k) (Prototype Format)
  • Volume Submitter Governmental Money Purchase
  • Volume Submitter Governmental Profit Sharing
  • Defined Benefit Pension Plan (Proto Format)
  • Defined Benefit Pension Plan (ID Format)*
  • Defined Benefit/Cash Balance Combination Plan
  • Cash Balance Plan (Proto Format)
  • Cash Balance Plan (ID Format)*
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan 401(k)
  • Volume Submitter 403(b) Church with RIA
  • Volume Submitter 403(b) Deferral Only 501(c)(3)
  • Volume Submitter 403(b) Governmental
  • Volume Submitter 403(b) Church without RIA
  • Volume Submitter 403(b) ERISA

*Additional annual fee may apply; contact your ftw sales consultant for more information

Supporting Documents:

  1. Summary Plan Descriptions and Notices
  2. Other Documents/Forms (All custom generated based on checklist answers)
    • Consent actions
    • Mandatory and Optional Amendments
    • Many popular administrative forms/procedures
  3.  IRS Submission Documents (other IRS forms require purchase of the IRS/PBGC Forms Package)
    • Form 5307
    • Form 5300
    • Form 8717
    • Form 2848
    • Form 8905
    • Non-Amender Kits
    • Notice to Interested Parties

Spanish Forms Package

 If you have purchased a retirement documents subscription, you can add-on a Spanish Forms package for an additional cost.  This suite of documents includes translated Spanish versions of the following forms for Defined Contribution Plans: Summary Plan Description, Annual Notice (Safe Harbor, Auto-Enroll, SIMPLE and QDIA), Participant Highlights, Special Tax Notice, SMMs for new Mandatory and Optional Amendments, and more!






ftwPro Amend

ftwPro Amend, our automated amendment module, is available for any retirement or welfare plan in a prototype format (plans with adoption agreements) and limited IDPs. In order to generate an amendment, you simply update the online checklist of the plan for the changes you want in your amendment, enter an effective date and the system will generate a customized formal record of action, summary of material modifications and amendment. For an additional annual cost this feature will be made available for all retirement and welfare prototype style documents and in a limited format for IDP formatted plan types.  Please contact us if you would like this feature added to your account.