Empower Retirement

Empower Retirement, the second largest retirement company in the country1 with 8 million+ plan participants2, has been a ftwilliam.com 5500 software customer for several years now. Empower Retirement decided to make the switch to ftwilliam.com’s 5500 software from a previous vendor and Brian Garipay, a Compliance Manager at Empower Retirement, was tapped as a team lead in the conversion to ftwilliam.com.

Unique Criteria Not a Problem

One of Brian’s main goals was to ensure the proper training for his department so that they could be up and running as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Brian immediately noticed when beginning to work with the ftwilliam.com support and technical staff how well they truly listened to his team’s specific needs and concerns, and then fully provided his team with everything required for a seamless conversion.

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Beacon Benefits, Inc.

Reliable, efficient tools at a reasonable price

Michael Hagan was previously using a different software vendor until he learned their subscription costs would be increasing drastically come their renewal period. So, he and his team began researching new options and as they spoke to current ftwilliam.com users and heard their positive recommendations, they decided to learn more. As a Principal of Beacon Benefits, Inc., and responsible for a large number of plans himself, Michael needed software that could provide both him and the company with reliable, efficient tools at a reasonable price, and one that didn’t require a steep learning curve or complicated conversion process.

“Everybody we spoke to spoke very highly of ftwilliam.com, so when we reached out and were shown all of the demos and the pricing difference, it was a no-brainer for us. ftwilliam.com’s products are exactly what we need.”

No steep learning curve or complicated conversion process

Michael and his team transitioned in 2014 to ftwilliam.com’s Documents, Form 5500, and Compliance software modules. Even with a large number of plans to convert, they found the process to be painless, stating, “it’s very easy and intuitive to use the software, so we’ve been very happy with that transition.”

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Magnuson, McHugh & Co

One of the goals of Magnuson, McHugh & Co is to provide their clients with the best possible retirement plan that fits their client’s business’ needs – some of whom have unique and custom design needs. Another goal of the firm is to grow their retirement plan services. As Manager of Retirement Plan Services, Cynthia Beaulaurier realized that their current software was not the right fit in order to meet these goals, so she set out to find a better, higher-quality document software system.

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